Written in an intense period of bewildered wandering, Psychogenic Fugue speaks to the indescribable feelings of displacement and lack of identity that comes with being a teenager. Touching on the difficult themes of mental health, death, sexuality, love and identity, Nikki brings her contemporary views and powerful honesty to address topics many are too scared to talk about. With its modern, global perspective, Psychogenic Fugue is sure to resonate with a wide array of readers.


HONEY & LEMON uses photography and simple storytelling to articulate the nature of depression in a way anyone can understand. Its message – that it's okay to ask for help, and that when you do you will find the strength to not only get through this but hopefully have the tools to do it again if and when the time comes. It will undoubtedly encourage those who are suffering and feel like they have to fight this on their own.Whereas medical advice online and in self-help literature can use intimating, emotionless medical language that renders it un-relatable to those who need it, HONEY & LEMON humanises and normalises mental health difficulties. You are not alone, and recovery is possible.

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Breastfeeding Basics: Concepts & Techniques Made Simple is an educational companion to traditional breastfeeding guides and classes. This zine takes the basics and conceptualises them in bite-sized relatable chunks of information. Written by a NCT trained Peer Supporter this has been written from peer to peer, mother to mother in mind rather than expert to novice. This zine can be used by mothers at home or as an educational resource for peer supporters, breastfeeding councillors or midwives. This zine is currently being used by NCT Peer supporters, Perinatal services and MIND


Burning through the Bloodline is a collection of work that explores the shadows that we carry through life, the traumas both embodied and inherited that are too often passed down from generation to generation. Birthed from a personal journey to move beyond trauma, shame, and victimhood to reclaim a sense of self. It is explored through the repeated history of the women in my family. It is an ode to motherhood, family, survivorship, and femininity.

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